Essential Services


Retail Businesses

The Governor’s order allows retail businesses to operate at 50 percent of building capacity.

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants can operate at 50 percent of indoor capacity. Outdoor seating capacity will not be limited, as long as tables are 6 feet apart and seated parties are groups of 10 or less. 

Bars and bar seating in restaurants may reopen on Friday, June 5, 2020. 

Fitness Centers

Gyms, yoga, dance, and fitness centers may open at 50 percent of capacity. Facial coverings must be worn into the establishment, while checking in and checking out, and while leaving. Facial coverings may be removed during physical activity as long as 6 feet of distance is observed. 

Salons, Barbershops, and Massage Therapy


Hair and nail salons, barbershops, and massage therapists may reopen. Capacity is limited to 25 percent. All customers must be appointment only, with 15 minutes between appointments for sanitizing and disinfecting practices. No group appointments.  Masks must be worn by all employees and customers, to the extent that a mask unreasonably interferes with the services.  All surfaces, tools, and linens must be disinfected prior to reopening, even if already cleaned. This should continue between each day of operation. Remove all unnecessary frequently touched items, such as newspapers, magazines, service menus, and all unnecessary paper products and decor from service areas.

City of Key West Additional Directives

The City of Key West may have additional protections.

Governor’s Essential Services Lists


Effective immediately, Monroe County Code Compliance has an established hotline number for those who wish to report businesses not in compliance with current COVID-19 State Executive Orders and/or Monroe County Emergency Directives in unincorporated Monroe County. The protective measures include but are not limited to:

  • Facial coverings for employees and customers in indoor settings.
  • Seating violations (groups of more than 10 people or seating at a bar top)
  • Exceedance of occupancy limits (currently 50 percent for retail and restaurants and 25 percent in personal care services)
  • Failure to adhere to social distancing requirements of 6 feet of more.

When a complaint is received, inspectors will visit the business. If violations are found, a written warning will be issued with a follow up visit the next day. If the business is still in violation or receives multiple violations, the inspection results will be immediately turned over to the Monroe County Sheriff’s office to address the situation.

Monroe County Code Compliance will attend to businesses in unincorporated Monroe while municipal code compliance departments will respond to reports of businesses within their jurisdictions.

Code Compliance numbers include:

  • Unincorporated Monroe County Dedicated Non-Compliance Number: 305-289-2819
  • Key West 24-hour Code Compliance Number: 305-809-1101
  • Marathon Code Compliance: 305-289-5024
  • Key Colony Beach Code Compliance: 305-289-1212 ext. 3
  • Islamorada Code Compliance: 305-664-6435
  • Layton Code Compliance: 305-664-4667

If it is after hours, or the weekend, leave a message and the complaint will be addressed the following business day. After hour or weekend issues needing immediate attention outside of the City of Key West, call the Monroe County Sheriff Office Non-Emergency Line at 305-289-2351.