Marine Resources

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The focus of the Marine Resources Office is on:

  • Protection of the marine environment
  • Provision of maritime infrastructure
  • Public water access

In support of these objectives, the office maintains a Keys-side system of aids to navigation and boating regulatory zones designed to both assist boaters and protect valuable shallow-water resources.

In coordination with other county offices and state and federal agencies, the marine resources office also:

  • Addresses a wide variety of public concerns regarding boating and waterways
  • Disposes of derelict and abandoned vessels
  • Provides vessel pump-out services by Pumpout USA throughout unicorporated Monroe County

Mission Statement

The mission of the marine resources office is to help protect and conserve the marine environment of the Florida Keys within Monroe County in a manner consistent with the Monroe County 2030 Comprehensive Plan and to provide for the adequate and appropriate use of the Keys' marine resources.