Public Information Office

The Public Information Office's primary responsibility is to provide accurate and timely information to the public and media about the actions, policies, and public meetings of the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) and the County's 22 departments. 

The Public Information Office is also the primary information source for Monroe County Emergency Management and Monroe County Fire Rescue

Responsibilities of the Public Infomation Office

  • Writes and distributes news releases. In 2018, more than 200 releases were made. 
  • Maintains the County's official social media communications across all platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Flickr. 
  • Creates content and maintains the websites for Monroe County BOCC, Monroe County Fire Rescue, and Monroe County Emergency Management.
  • Interacts with members of the media and public and responds to questions from County residents.
  • Arranges press conferences, ceremonies, and public meetings.
  • Works with state and federal government entities to ensure County residents receive information about programs, grants, and opportunities. 
  • Creates the State of the County Annual Report and annual video. 

Monroe County Official Social Media Sites

Media Inquiries  

For inquiries and questions related to Monroe County government and Monroe County Emergency Management, contact Public Information Officer Kristen Livengood at 305-680-8226.

Public Records Requests

The Monroe County Attorney's Office is the custodian of Public Records for the Monroe County BOCC. Requests can be made here

  1. Photo of new Card Sound Road All-Electronic Toll in October 2018
  2. Paper Bail at the Waste Management
  3. Written: Press Release on whiteboard
  4. Craig Smith Headshot Employee of the 3rd Quarter
  5. Carruthers speaks at FAC Legislative Conference in Nov. 2019
  6. Roadway project design meeting in Key West in November
  7. Mayor Carruthers recognizes Commissioner Murphy for her mayoral duties
  8. Emergency Operations Conceptual Drawing
  9. Meeting at a table in the Governor&#39s Office with Dr. Julia Nesheiwat
  10. Group picture on the deck of the USS Stennis with airplane landing onboard
  11. Bayshore Manor resident Lois Oakley enjoys her new read borrowed from the Monroe County public libra
  12. Headshot of Erick D&#39Leon, Assistant Director of Airports
  13. The island of Key West by air after taking off from Key West airport
  14. Rhonda Haag and Roman Gastesi celebrate at the last canal being cleared
  15. Monroe County commissioners and project management break ground at the courthouse
  16. Legislative Affairs Director Lisa Tennyson gives State priorities at delegation meeting
  17. A street in Key Largo is underwater due to king tide events in the Florida Keys
  18. Keys 2020 Census Logo
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