2018 Federal Legislative Session

The 2018 Federal Legislative Session is completed. Monroe County's Legislative Affairs worked on the following accomplishments at the federal level that will help the citizens of the Keys.

  • $49.2 million for canal clean-up through USDA’s Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • $16 million for the Army Corps of Engineers South Atlantic Coastal Study
  • $3 million for the Florida Keys Storm Risk Management Study
  • Obtaining approval for millions of dollars of FEMA reimbursements, including $4.6 million for debris removal
  • Introduction of legislation to reauthorize the Coral Reef Conservation Act
  • Extension of the National Flood Insurance Program, without any harmful program changes
  • Announcement from Secretary Zinke that Florida will no longer be considered for offshore drilling in the 2019-2024 Outer Continental Shelf Leasing Plan
  • Reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration for five years that included the extension of the contract tower program
  • The creation of new sources of mitigation funds, such as the National Public Infrastructure Pre-Disaster Mitigation Fund and the CDBG-DR mitigation fund.

2018 Federal Legislative Session Documents Regarding Monroe County

2018 Federal Legislative Links and Documents