Protect Your Home

Preparing Your Home for Severe Weather

By following the suggestions below, your home will have a better chance of surviving severe weather.

Start at the Top

Check for any loose shingles on your roof. Make sure the gutters are tightly hinged and that they drain freely. Check the storm drains for any clogging.

Residents Preparing their Home for a Storm

Work Your Way Down

Check all windows and doors to ensure they are caulked sufficiently. Properly installing approved hurricane shutters over windows and doors is highly recommended to protect your home against strong winds. If your home is not equipped with hurricane shutters, as last resort, secure 3/4-inch plywood over windows and doors. Have the plywood sheets pre-cut, marked, labeled, drilled, stored, and ready to install quickly when needed.

Your Garage

Inadequate garage doors or ones left open during a storm are the main entry ports for damaging winds. Make sure your garage door complies with your area’s building code rating for hurricane wind loads, and for the impact of flying debris.

Get Grounded

If you have decorative small stone landscaping, either remove it and cover the area with fire-retardant mulch or cover the rocks with a tarp. Secure the tarp firmly to the ground with tent stakes. Remove all lawn items - chairs, trash containers, potted plants, bird feeders, toys, bicycles, etc.