Animal Control


Animal Control is responsible for:

  • Enforcing state and county animal control regulations
  • Protecting animals from cruelty, abuse, or abandonment
  • Protecting the public from the dangers and nuisances of uncontrolled, dangerous, or feral animals
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Three independent contractors provide services are provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week to the county and all incorporated cities.


Animal control officers conduct investigations, issue citations, and attend court proceedings related to alleged violations. The shelters provide all animals in custody with proper care, nutrition, and shelter. The contractors provide an adoption service for all adoptable animals that are not claimed by their owners. They are also responsible for ensuring that all dogs, cats, and ferrets are properly vaccinated for rabies and have valid, up-to-date county license tags and certificates.


Monroe County has animal control shelters in Key West, Marathon, and Key Largo.

Mission Statement

The mission of Animal Control is to promote responsible pet ownership, animal care, and community safety; increase adoptions; and reduce pet overpopulation. Animal Control strives to treat the symptoms of irresponsible pet ownership while seeking to eliminate the causes by compassionately using education and enforcement measures.