Posted on: February 12, 2018


Mayor David Rice Signing Hurricane Debris Removal Agreement with DEP-1

TALLAHASSEE, FL – Monroe County Mayor David Rice signed an agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection on Tuesday that states DEP will lead the hurricane marine debris removal effort of the impacted canals and nearshore waters of unincorporated Monroe County.

DEP will hire the contractor and oversee the $6 million operation. Monroe County staff will provide local coordination.

Temporary marine debris staging sites will be set up starting Wednesday, Feb. 7. It is anticipated that contracted boats will begin entering the water on Monday, Feb. 12, to begin the marine hurricane debris cleanup at various sites, including Big Pine Key.

DEP is funding the work that later will be reimbursed by the County. The County then will submit the invoices to FEMA for reimbursement to the County.

DEP and County staff began negotiating terms of the agreement shortly after Hurricane Irma struck. Rep. Holly Raschein helped to finalize the deal.

“We appreciate DEP’s effort to help Monroe County with the unprecedented marine debris cleanup of our canals and nearshore waters following Category 4 Hurricane Irma,” Rice said. “We are happy that this cleanup can begin soon.”


Photo by Lisa Tennyson. Monroe County Mayor David Rice signs a marine hurricane debris cleanup agreement with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. (L-R) David A. Clark, DEP’s Deputy Secretary for Land and Recreation Director, Division of State Land; Rice; Rep. Holly Raschein, Monroe County Administrator Roman Gastesi; Monroe County Attorney Bob Shillinger; and Alberto Moscoso, Director of Communications for the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

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