Project Management


1100 Simonton St.
Room 2-216
Key West, FL 33040



Monday - Friday
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Knight, PMP, Cary Director of Project Management, PMP 305-292-4527  
Ferguson, Adam Sr. Coordinator Grants and Grants Finance 305-877-3499  
Salinger, PMP, Jordan Senior Project Manager, PMP 305-570-9156  
Thompson, Stan Contract and Budget Administrator 305-292-4524  
Erickson, Breanne Contract and Budget Administrator 305-292-4427  
Sanders, Steve Quality Control & Safety Project Manager 305-295-4338  
Vick, Cary Project Manager 305-295-4339  
Howard, Matthew Project Manager, LEED AP 305-295-4337  
Position, Vacant Project Manager   305-292-4416  
Position, Vacant Associate Project Manager    
Position, Vacant Associate Project Manager    
Position, Vacant Project Manager