What improvements qualify for PACE financing?

PACE Qualifying Improvements shall mean those improvements to real property provided for in Section 163.08(2)(b), Florida Statutes, including, but not limited to, energy conservation and efficiency, renewable energy, and wind resistance improvements. To qualify, projects must be permanent improvements for example new roofs, air conditioning units, impact windows, and solar panels. For questions regarding specific qualifying improvements, contact the individual PACE Providers. 

To ensure the greatest energy and insurance savings for your project, before you sign an agreement, make sure you understand what projects would have the greatest energy and insurance savings. That means you may want to call your property insurance company to ask about rebates for particular home improvement items. It could also mean completing a home energy survey or home energy audit. The Department of Energy is a resource to learn more about energy saving products and services. 

When you are requesting project bids from contractors, ask them to provide energy savings estimates for the products/materials. Look for ENERGY STAR® labeled products/materials. 

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