Where can I get sandbags?
  • Monroe County does not supply sandbags. With our type of flooding, sandbags have been proven insufficient in protecting property in the past.  

  • Filling sandbags at the beach or from private property, like golf courses, is illegal. 

    • Filling sandbags at beaches violates county, state, and federal laws and leads to beach erosion, which can endanger structures and homes along the beach. Taking sand can also disrupt sea turtle nests which are protected through the Endangered Species Act. 

    • You should be able to find sandbags at most home improvement stores. Alternatives to sand can be potting soil, gravel, cat litter, and dirt from your lawn 

    • In the past, residents have used spray foam around the bottoms of their doors. But note that is difficult to remove afterwards and can stain the door.

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1. Where can I get sandbags?
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