If asked to evacuate, can I bring my pet?

If you are directed to evacuate, you will want to take your pets with you. 

Plan now for what you will do and how you will protect them. Please keep in mind that pet owners are ultimately responsible for their pet’s needs at the public shelter. 

Pet guidelines:

  • Space for pets at public shelters is limited and is intended for individuals with pets living in areas ordered to evacuate. 
  • Owners should bring identification since it may be necessary for pet and owner reunification. 
  • Pet owners should bring a kennel or carrier, food for five days, bedding, bowls, toys, and any needed pet medications. 
  • All dogs and cats should have a current rabies vaccination, dog license, or microchip, and be current on flea and tick preventive measures. 
  • Pet owners will not be permitted to leave the shelters without their pets. 
  • Nonservice animals may be housed in a separate area of the shelter

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