The hospital has all of my information; why doesn't Monroe County Fire Rescue?

We are not associated with any of the hospitals to which we transport patients. Our paramedics begin to gather information about our patients before they arrive at the hospital; sometimes, the hospital does not have patient information on file. Also, due to the nature of emergency calls, our paramedics may have to leave the hospital to respond to another emergency and not have the opportunity to receive patient information from hospital staff.

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1. Who is responding to my emergency?
2. Do I have to pay if I call 911?
3. I pay taxes, why am I being billed for this?
4. Where do these rates come from?
5. What are your EMS transport rates?
6. Why don't you accept my insurance?
7. The hospital has all of my information; why doesn't Monroe County Fire Rescue?
8. Why was I sent to collections?
9. What if I don't have insurance and I can't pay this bill?
10. What is the Trauma Star Resident Fee Waiver Program?
11. Why do I have to sign the Responsibility Signature Form?
12. My child (a minor) was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Why is the ambulance bill in my child's name?
13. Why was my child (a minor) sent to collections?
14. A family member, who received your ambulance service in the past, recently passed away. He/she is still receiving ambulance bills. What should I do?
15. Do I have a choice of which hospital I want to be transported to?
16. Do I have to go the hospital when I call 911?
17. What can I do to help the paramedics who come to my home?
18. What will happen when I arrive at the hospital in the rescue unit?
19. Why was I flown by Trauma Star to a hospital outside of the Keys?
20. What do I do if I have lost some of my belongings when I am transported to the hospital?
21. How can I share a good experience or a complaint regarding the Monroe County Fire Rescue paramedics that responded to my emergency?
22. How do I get a copy of a medical report?