Is there any assistance available for local families?

Please visit for the Rental and Mortgage Program and the Business Assistance Grant programs through Monroe County. 

United Way Community Resource Guide

In addition, UWCK is facilitating information and assistance for residents who are trying to enroll in state and federal programs. The current needs far exceed the response capacity of our local programs, so qualifying residents are encouraged to seek state and federal assistance ensuring our local resources will go further. For Keys residents needing the Florida Reemployment program, UWCK has compiled “Links and Tips for Unemployment Assistance”, found at Social service agencies may also refer clients who need help completing the paper version of the Florida Reemployment application by emailing

Salvation Army

Salvation Army Helpline 844-458-HELP (9 a.m. to 9 p.m.)

Food Assistance

Monroe WIC Offering Assistance to Families in Monroe County

The Florida Department of Health in Monroe County’s WIC (Special Supplemental Food Program for Women Infants and Children) offers food/nutrition/breastfeeding assistance to low-income pregnant women or families with infants or children under the age of 5 years who reside in Monroe County. Those individuals/families who meet these criteria and are experiencing a loss of income due to the COVID-19 crisis are encouraged to sign up for WIC to help with food costs. Families that meet these criteria and are currently receiving unemployment or Medicaid benefits automatically qualify financially for WIC benefits. Others will need to provide proof of income and/or explain income loss to qualify.

For more information or to apply: Key West area—call 305-676-3852 and Upper Keys call 305-676-3933. (During the COVID-19 Pandemic, all applications will be done by phone and necessary documents can be faxed or emailed, please do not come to the WIC office).

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1. Is there any assistance available for local families?
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