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Big Pine Key Community Park Recreation Center

Subfacility of Big Pine Key Community Park

Request Reservation
Reservation Cost

$20.00 per hour

Max Occupancy 56

Facility Use Policy

Hold Harmless

Request For Use


  1. Chairs (50)
  2. Concession Stand
  3. Recreation Room, Capacity 56 Occupants
  4. Restroom Access
  5. Tables (4)

To book an event please have the following documents completed

  1. Request for Use (Please include setup time in requested times)
  2. Hold Harmless – must be Notarized 
  3. Fees must be paid by check made out to “Monroe County Board of County Commissioners” 
    1. $20 an hour for the small room. Max 56 people. 
    2. Refundable deposit of $100. 

Rules and Regulations for Use of Big Pine Recreation Center: 

  1. No damage to County property or the natural environment.
  2. Decorations are to be hung from walls only – no hanging decorations from lights or rafters.   Nails/screws/staples are prohibited. Blue painters’ tape may be used for wall decorations. 
  3. Silly string and harsh chemicals are prohibited. 
  4. No smoke or fog machines. 
  5. Please refer to the Policy for Use Document for use of this location. 


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