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General Building Permit Information
Applying for a Permit
Prior to commencing construction, the contractor, owner, or builder must first apply to obtain a permit. Obtaining a permit may require the interaction and approval of several agencies outside of the Building Department; with small exception, each of these agencies charges fees for their review procedures. The Building Department works to coordinate the involvement of other agencies in the permitting process to obtain a building permit in the most expedient manner while maintaining the county’s high level of quality. This service is not a substitute for a customer’s responsibility to interact with all participating agencies.

Public Web Access to Permit Information
The Building department provides the public with an application, eGovPLUS, that allows the public to view general information on valid Permits, Contractor and Code Compliance cases entered into our database. Click here for an overview of how to search permit information in eGovPLUS. 

Additional Agencies
The other agencies that are tracked by the computerized network of the Building Department and are most commonly involved in the permit process include, but are not limited to: 

Depending upon the location and use of the proposed improvement, the following agencies may also be involved in the processing of a permit:

Design Reviews
Design reviews may be secured prior to a permit application. Applicants may apply to many of the outside agencies independently prior to applying for a building permit, and are strongly advised to do so, when applicable. Not all agencies are required by statute to adhere to strict processing timelines in a manner similar to the Building Department.

Required Documents & Permitting Process
View information about the building permit process and required documents.

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