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Special Needs Registry
Anna Haskins
Anna M. Haskins
Special Needs Coordinator

1100 Simonton St.
Suite 1-187
Key West, FL  33040

Ph: (305) 292-4591
Fx: (305) 292-4411

Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
In order to meet the special needs of persons who would need assistance during evacuations and sheltering because of physical and mental handicaps, Florida statues mandate that each local emergency management agency in the state maintain a registry of disabled persons located within the jurisdiction of the local agency.

The registration must identify those persons in need of assistance and plan for resource allocation to meet those identified needs.

  • 2017 Special Needs Registry Application
  • Pet Sheltering Form 
  • Protected Health Information Form
  • Acknowledgment of Receipt Form
  • Disclosure of information Form

  • Monroe County Special Needs Registry Sheltering Information

    Individuals are eligible to be registered with the Special Needs Registry if they would need assistance during evacuations and shelter because of physical, mental, cognitive impairment, or sensory disabilities, medically needy, and/or disabled and are not served in or by a residential facility program. Eligible clients are required to complete and sign the Special Needs Registry Application as well as the HIPAA Disclosure of Information and HIPAA Privacy Act forms before they will be placed on the registry.

    You should try and seek help or shelter from friends, neighbors, or family in a hurricane or other disaster. Public shelters should be a last resort for those who have no other choice If you cannot drive yourself, nor have any family, friends or neighbors who can take you to a shelter, you are encouraged to register for this service.

    All registered clients will be contacted when a hurricane is threatening Monroe County and given information on the County’s evacuation plan. In all category storms Special Needs clients who have requested transportation to the Special Needs Shelter are taken to a staging area where they will board a chartered bus and be taken to Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Monroe County's designated out-of-county shelter. At the time the client is contacted, they must decide if they will be evacuating. There is no time for a 2nd call. If evacuating, the client will be given an approximate time they will be picked up. They must have all their supplies and belongings ready to go (see "What to Bring to a Shelter").

    Please remember that space and supplies are limited at shelters. Very few comforts will be available. If you need special foods, you should bring a couple days supply of food that will not spoil. It may be several hours before shelters are fully supplied. Please remember to bring all prescription medications and important papers. Click on this link for what to bring with you to a shelter. "What to Bring to a Shelter"

    If you have registered with Social Services and requested transportation assistance, you will be contacted by phone in advance of evacuation. When we call, you will need to decide whether you will be evacuating and let us know at that time. We will not be able to call you back. If you decide to evacuate, we will give you an approximate time we expect to pick you up. You must have your belongings and supplies packed and ready to go.

    To register please click on the Registry Application link above to access the forms. You will need to print all of the forms except for the pet registration forms. The HIPAA Privacy Act Information is for you to keep and the rest get mailed into the registry at the following address:
    Special Needs Registry
    1100 Simonton St., Suite 1-187
    Key West, FL 33040

    If you have pets that you wish to bring to shelter you need to click on the "Pet Registration Forms" link and complete those as well. In addition you will need to send in a copy of your pet's vaccinations.

Monroe County
1100 Simonton Street
Key West FL, 33040