28 Additional Approved Canals for Cleanup: October

In October, the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service approved 29 more canals in the Keys for cleanup using the federal grant funding. This brings the total to 172 Canals that will be cleared of Hurricane Debris using the Grant Funding.

DSR #1

Canal 318: SUGARLOAF KEY (Adjacent road: Canal Dr.)

Canal 325: SUGARLOAF KEY (Adjacent road: Date Palm Dr.)

Canal 414: SUGARLOAF KEY (Adjacent roads: Buttonwood Dr., Dolphin St.)

Canal 422: SUGARLOAF KEY (Adjacent roads: La Brisa Lane, Keystone Rd.)

Canal 424: SUGARLOAF KEY (Adjacent roads: Allamanda Dr., Coral Ct.)

Canal 430: SUGARLOAF KEY (Adjacent road: Jamaica Lane)

Canal 436: BIG COPPITT KEY (Adjacent road: Jade Dr.)

Canal 443: BIG COPPITT KEY (Canal 433: BIG COPPITT KEY (Adjacent roads: Sapphire Dr., Emerald Dr.)

Canal 457: KEY HAVEN (Adjacent roads: Driftwood Dr., Evergreen Ave., Evergreen Ct., Evergreen Lane, Evergreen Ter., Floral Ave., Key Haven Dr.)

DSR #2

Canal 279: LITTLE TORCH KEY (Adjacent roads: Astrangia Ave., Sea Whip St.)

Canal 285: LITTLE TORCH KEY (Adjacent roads: Gato Rd., Mills Rd.)

Canal 312: CUDJOE KEY (Adjacent roads: Cutthroat Dr., Bluegill Lane, Redfish Lane, Lookdown Lane)

Canal 354: CUDJOE KEY (Adjacent roads: Captain Kidd Lane, Dirk Lane)

Canal 357: CUDJOE KEY (Adjacent roads: Spanish Main Dr., Teach Lane)

Canal 362: CUDJOE KEY (Adjacent roads: Drake Lane, Sharp Lane, Spanish Main Dr.)

Canal 364: CUDJOE KEY (Adjacent roads: Hawkins Lane, Sharp Lane, Spanish Main Dr.)

Canal 367: CUDJOE KEY (Adjacent roads: Hawkins Lane, John Avery Lane, Spanish Main Dr.)

Canal 371: CUDJOE KEY (Adjacent roads: Picard Lane, Calico Jack Circle)

Canal 376: CUDJOE KEY (Adjacent roads: DeLussan Lane, Coates Lane)

DSR #3

Canal 261: NO NAME KEY (Adjacent roads: Bahia Shores Dr., Cat Lane, No Name Dr., Old State Rd., Spanish Channel Dr.)

Canal 265: NO NAME KEY (Adjacent roads: Bimini Lane, Tortuga Lane)

Canal 286: BIG PINE KEY (Adjacent roads: Almond Lane, County Rd., Croton Lane, Hibiscus Dr., Ixora Dr., Pine Lane, Sands Rd.)

Canal 289: BIG PINE KEY (Adjacent roads: Harbor Lights Rd., Ships Way, Forrestal Ave.)

Canal 291: BIG PINE KEY (Adjacent roads: Forrestal Ave., Saratoga Ave.)

Canal 294: BIG PINE KEY (Adjacent roads: Saratoga Ave., Independence Ave.)

Canal 296: BIG PINE KEY (Adjacent roads: Independence Ave., Ranger Ave.)

Canal 301: BIG PINE KEY (Adjacent roads: Flying Cloud Ave., Enterprise Ave.)

Canal 315: BIG PINE KEY (Adjacent roads: US 1)