CCAC - Other Documents

Speaker Series Presentations:

Chris Bergh, The Nature Conservancy-Sea Level Rise
Climate Advisory Speaker Series- Jon Rizzo NWS Key West Climate and Weather Impacts
Climate Advisory Speaker Series- FAU Dr. Keren Bolter- Climate Modeling

Monroe County & UF IFAS Extension:

Monroe County Canal Restoration Public Meeting
UF IFAS Sponsored- USDA Small Business Grant Workshop
Monroe County Sea Level Rise Workshop 12-9-14
Monroe County Sea Level Rise Workshop 10/14
BOCC Special Meeting, Sea Level Rise, 9/3/14
Monroe County Environmental Waste Workshop FDEP
FAC ( Florida Association of Counties) Wind/Flood Mitigation Workshop Day 1, 6/12/14
FAC Wind/Flood Mitigation Workshop Day 2, 6/13/14

Ocean Life Series:

Ocean Life Series: Ocean Drones: Developing Advanced Tools for Marine Research
Ocean Life Series: Aquaponics: Sustainable Agriculture in the Florida Keys
Ocean Life Series: Wildlife Conservation Film Screening Ocean Life Series: Law of the Sea: Energy, Overfishing, and Pollution
Ocean Life Series: To Live and Work Beneath the Sea: Aquarius
Ocean Life Series: Invasive Lionfish: Management Successes and Challenges
Ocean Life Series: Understanding the History and Future of Sea Levels
Ocean Life Series: Preventing Orchid Extinction