Community Rating System (CRS)

To encourage communities to establish a floodplain management program that recognizes and encourages floodplain management activities that exceed the minimum National Flood Insurance Program requirements, the Community Rating System was created. This program provides communities with discounts to flood insurance rates.

Flood insurance premium reductions are determined by a community's CRS Class. Policyholders in a CRS community can receive premium reductions from five percent to as much as 45 percent for an insured building in a CRS Class 1 community.

Each CRS-participating community is assigned a Class number ranging from CRS Class 1 to 10, based on credit points it earns for implementing various floodplain management practices. A CRS Class 1 is the most favorable classification, and CRS Class 9 is an introductory Class. A community with a CRS Class 10 designation no longer participates in the CRS.

The insurance premium reduction is based on whether a property is in or out of the Special Flood Hazard Area. The premium reduction for properties in an Special Flood Hazard Area increases according to the community's CRS Class. A community's classification is based on the total number of credit points it earns.

Monroe County participates in the NFIP and the CRS on behalf of residents living in unincorporated areas.

Unincorporated Monroe County current rating: 5

When you renew your Flood Insurance Policy, please check for your "Community Rating Number" stated on your policy.