Environmental Horticulture

Plant Diagnostic Clinics

UF/IFAS, Monroe County Extension Service offers free plant clinics. Master Gardeners will be onsite at regional plant clinics to help assist with plant identification, disease diagnosis, insect identifications/problems, and other services related to diagnosing gardening and/or landscape problems.

Key West: First and Third Mondays 9am-12pm (excluding holidays) at the Gato Building.

Key West Plant Clinic

Marathon: Third Saturday 9am-12pm (excluding holidays) at the Marathon Home Depot.

Marathon Plant Clinic

Key Largo: First and Third Wednesdays 9am-12pm (excluding holidays) at the Murray E. Nelson Government Center. 

Key Largo Plant Clinic

Photos and samples are helpful!

Photo: clear photos of the issues you are having will help master gardeners with diagnosis. Make sure photos are if focus and take one of the whole plant and some close-ups of the problem(s).

Plant Sample: Samples should include healthy material and material showing issue(s) to be identified. Bring material in a plastic bag and, if possible, collect on the same day as the plant clinic, otherwise keep sample refrigerated.

Insect Sample: Samples should be placed in a jar or other suitable container. Collect more than one specimen if possible. Insects may be dead or alive.

Not able to attend a plant clinic? No problem, you can email our Environmental Horticulture Agent, Michelle Leonard-Mularz, at mularz-michelle@monroecounty-fl.gov. Please include detailed photographs.