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NFPA Fire Safety Survey

Monroe County Fire Rescue’s Fire Marshal’s Office is urging residents to look at the in-home fire safety checklist to increase fire safety awareness within the home. In partnership with the National Fire Protection Agency, Chief Fire Marshal RL Colina says, “Preparing your home for the worst can save lives.”

At the minimum, a house should have working smoke alarms on every level and in every room. Also, don’t forget to change the batteries every six months and replace the smoke alarm every 10 years. Having a working smoke alarm substantially increases your chance of survival in a home fire. For added protection, home fire sprinklers can reduce the heat, flames, and smoke produced in a fire allowing people more time to escape.

For other fire safety precautions that can make your home safer, complete the Home Fire Safety Survey Checklist by visiting You can hit submit at the end of the form and it automatically submits, or you can save it to your desktop and email the completed checklist to The information provided will also provide information for future community outreach events and might save your or someone else’s life. Fire Safety Survey Link


The Monroe County Fire Marshal’s Office is dedicated to protecting Monroe County citizens in reducing the risks that cause loss of life and property due to fire and related hazards. This department is dedicated to fire prevention education, fire investigations, and commercial and vacation rental compliance inspections. The Monroe County Fire Marshal’s office covers unincorporated Monroe County from Ocean Reef to Stock Island. Responsibilities include:

  • New Construction Review
  • Fire investigations
  • Fire inspections:
    • Commercial Properties
    • Vacation Rentals
    • Complaint based inspections

Inspection Checklists

Fire Prevention Resources

Municipal Fire Marshals

  1. RL Colina headshot

    RL Colina

    Chief Fire Marshal
    Phone: 305-289-6020

  2. Cassy Cane

    Cassy Cane

    Deputy Fire Marshal, Upper Keys
    Phone: 305-289-6020

  3. Headshot of Craig Marston

    Craig Marston

    Deputy Fire Marshal, Lower Keys
    Phone: 305-289-6020

  4. FullSizeR

    Thomas Rossano

    Deputy Fire Marshal, Lower Keys
    Phone: 305-289-6020

  5. Fire Marshal's Office

    Physical Address
    490 63rd St. Ocean
    Marathon, FL 33050

    Phone: 305-289-6020