HURRICANE BUSINESS Re-entry Placard Program

Monroe County Emergency Management acknowledges the need for critical private sector businesses that provide services and crucial supplies to be granted Early Re-Entry if they qualify. Together with Essential Response personnel, this will further allow the restoration of community lifelines in a more efficient and timely fashion.

Emergency Management has updated the Business Re-entry Placard registration form. The questions are similar but require additional documentation to be uploaded.

The documentation requirements are essential to assist County and municipal officials to govern how they can utilize all critical businesses and their services for response efforts post-event.

Please read below to see if your business qualifies for Critical Businesses Re-Entry Placards.

Hurricane Business Re-Entry Placard Registration

If your Monroe County-based business falls under Critical Business Re-entry, you can obtain re-entry placards for your business prior to a storm. This will allow timely access into the county for damage assessment of your business before continuing your essential business functions to assist in recovery efforts. Each business owner or manager is encouraged to register and submit required documentation and credentials prior to hurricane season for our County/municipal officials.

The registration period for 2022 Re-Entry Placards is now closed.

Updated Information

There is only one registration form to fill out each year that includes the new required documentation to upload. Do not proceed to register until you have read all updated information below to see if your business qualifies for level 2 critical business re-entry.

Medical Professionals of any kind –need to go through the County Hospitals. Hospital officials can contact you for assistance and will grant you re-entry when and if needed.

All Critical businesses that are based or operate in OCEAN REEF should contact the Ocean Reef Public Safety office for re-entry.

Critical Businesses - Each registered business would bring in their essential personnel to help Monroe County and municipal officials further enable restoration of community lifelines and essential services once conditions have stabilized with basic protection and emergency services reestablished.

  • Pharmacy
  • Food Service
  • Grocery Stores with backup generators
  • Financial/Banks
  • Gas Stations with transfer switch and/or backup generators
  • Insurance
  • Property Management
  • Debris Removal with equipment asset lists
  • Supply Chain & Building Suppliers Distributors - with inventory asset lists
  • Contractors with Monroe County registered credentials
  • Trades (electrical, plumbing, etc.)
  • Designated Hotels with Contracts in hand

What you need to know before you register:

  • For-Profit Business - A copy of your current ‘Monroe County Business Tax Receipt’ is required.
  • Nonprofit Business - A copy of ‘501(c)3 Determination Letter’ OR ‘4506-B Affirmation Letter’ 

    **misplaced your letter? You can download copies of original determination letters (issued Jan. 1, 2014 and later) using our online search tool Tax Exempt Organization Search (TEOS).

  • Any Additional documentation that pertains to your business such as
    • Active Monroe County Contractors Identification Number if you are a contractor
    • Current memo or contract with Monroe County or county municipality if providing services for first responders such as hotels and restaurants
    • List of additional locations, point of contact for each location along with their job title and phone number where they can be reached
    • List of essential personnel and their job title, and driver’s license if asking for more than two placards for your business, in a PDF format.
  • Registrations that do not provide complete information including supporting documentation and/or provide false/misleading information will be denied and may be banned from future consideration in the Placard Program.


The registration period for 2022 Critical Business placard(s) is closed. 

Monroe County Emergency Reserves Corp (MERC)

Individuals who go through Monroe County’s Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) and become part of the volunteer Monroe Emergency Reserve Corps also can obtain early re-entry placards. 

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