Placard Reentry Program

The revised Monroe County Placard Reentry Program is available to agencies with representation at the Emergency Operations Center. These agencies can obtain early reentry placards for their employees from Monroe County Emergency Management. They are Group 1 Emergency Workers. 

New this year, businesses or organizations not represented within the EOC but believe they have an essential response mission and wish to apply for inclusion within the Second Tier of the Placard Program, may apply directly with Emergency Management. The placard program enrollment period for 2018 is June 15 - July 31. They are Group 2 Emergency Workers.

Applications are available at or click below.

REMINDER: All placard program applications for 2018 must be received by July 31.

The applications will be reviewed by Emergency Management. 

  • IF APPROVED: You will be contacted within 21 days of the application submission if your business/organization's request is approved and will be given instructions on how to get your placards. 
  • IF NOT APPROVED: You will receive an email within 21 days of the application submission if your business/organization's request is not approved. The email will include the reasons and provide opportunity to address those issues and resubmit the application.

As of July 13, 36 Group 1 entities have been approved for a total of 1,569 employees. These entities are Emergency Medical Services, Public Utilities, County and Municipal Tier 2 employees, Telecommunications and First Push Government Contractors.

As of July 13, 150 businesses/organizations that do not operate in the Emergency Operations Center but have essential response missions have applied for the placard program. Emergency Management has approved 63 of those submissions for a total of 566 essential employees. The other 87 submissions received so far are currently under review.

Emergency Worker 2018 Yellow Placard W
2018 Green Placard

Monroe Emergency Reserve Corps

Citizens who go through Monroe County’s Community Emergency Response Training (CERT) and become part of the volunteer Monroe Emergency Reserve Corps also can obtain early re-entry placards. To volunteer for this program, go to or click below.

For more information about this program, click on CERT program