What are Monroe County Fire Rescue's EMS transport rates?

Monroe County Fire Rescue (MCFR) is funded by property taxes. However, if you are transported either by air or ground to a hospital, you and your insurance provider are charged a user fee to offset a portion of the costs to provide this service, which helps reduce the overall cost to residents. Rates are applied depending on the level of care required to treat and transport a patient to the hospital. Basic Life Support (BLS) is the lowest level of care administered; typically for a stable patient that does not require sophisticated paramedic level care. Advanced Life Support (ALS) involves a higher level of medical care. Depending on the patient’s condition, this may require IV medications, cardiac monitoring, airway management, etc. State law requires us to transport patients who call 911 to the closest appropriate hospital. Trauma Alert patients: All patients meeting Trauma Alert criteria are transported to the appropriate center in Miami.

Ground Ambulance User Fee Rate

  • Advanced Life Support I - $750
  • Advanced Life Support II - $950
  • Basic Life Support - $600
  • Mileage (from the incident site to receiving facility) - $14.50

Air Ambulance (Trauma Star) User Fee Rate

  • Mileage (from the incident site to receiving facility) - $100
  • Trauma Star Transport Fee - $12,000

These rates were approved by the Monroe County Board of County Commissioners.

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