Past Major Capital Projects

Plantation Key Courthouse

The Plantation Key Courthouse and Detention Center is one of Monroe County's most ambitious undertakings. The project consolidated the judicial and penal functions that exist on the site into a new 48,240 square foot facility state-of-the-art facility. The groundbreaking was Oct. 18, 2019.

The tenants include:

  • 16th Judicial Circuit of Florida
  • Clerk of Court
  • State Attorney
  • Sheriff's Office
  • Public Works

Bernstein Park, Stock Island

Murray Nelson Theater Dressing Rooms

The construction of a dressing room within an existing covered porch structure attached to the Murray E. Nelson Government and Cultural Center located in Key Largo. The 760 square foot area included the construction of a fully functional dressing room facility with all systems required for operation including:

  • Construction of three exterior walls between existing columns with finishes to match the existing building.
  • Construct two single-use restrooms, one with a shower
  • Extension of electrical and fire protection and fire alarm systems
  • Provision of AC unit
  • New plumbing connection to the exterior grinder pump station
  • Minimal floor treatments
  • Painting, door and hardware, and windows matching the existing building

Higgs Beach Playground

The project consisted of the installation of new playground equipment and perimeter fencing at Higgs Beach in Key West. The work included:

  • Purchase and installation of playground equipment as indicated on drawings.
  • Installation of water line and drinking fountains.
  • Paving, landscaping, and all other items indicated on the drawings.
  • Construction of the new fence.
  • Installation of required sand in specified areas.

Sugarloaf Fire Station

Monroe County Courthouse Renovation

Renovation and partial replacement of the Monroe County Courthouse in Marathon and related construction. Replacement of Air conditioning/filtration system, bathroom fixtures, and electrical systems; Repair of the ceiling, and improved layout of the facility’s public access and secure areas. The safe removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials from the ceiling.

Thomas Street Parking

A new parking facility to cater to the needed space from the Jackson Square Complex, as well as provide public parking for visitors. Special attention was paid to the appearance of the facility, for the benefit of the adjacent property owners, visitors, and employees of the Jackson Square Complex. The previous parking area was small and impeded traffic on the street.

ADA Compliance Assessments 

Completed in August 2009. Consulting services for ADA Compliance Assessments for all Monroe County Buildings, Roads, Polling Places, Parks, and Beaches. Assessments were in three phases. Phase I for review, Phase II for Field Investigations, and Phase III for final reporting.

ADA Transistion Plan

Completed in October 2010. Develop a complete Transition Plan to comply with all ADA requirements for all Monroe County Buildings, Roads, Polling Places, Parks, and Beaches.

Big Pine Key Fire Station

Completed in August 2009. Demolition of the old fire station including the wastewater disposal system, and construction of a new fully functional fire station with all systems required for operation.

  • William P. Horn Architect, P.A./$316,398
  • Pedro Falcon Electrical Contractors, Inc./$3,211,084

Big Pine Key Community Park

Completed in August 2008. The building of a Big Pine Key Park, and a two-story Community Center. The project consists of separate contracts for demolition, basin filling, and the building of the community center and park. The Park includes 1 baseball diamond, basketball courts, restroom facilities, playground equipment, skate park, jogging track, shuffleboard, Bocce ball, and roller hockey rink.

  • MBI/K2M Architecture, Inc./$130,000
  • Charley Toppinos & Sons DEMOLITION & BASIN FILL/$1,058.343. 
  • Pedro Falcon Electrical Contractors, Inc. CONSTRUCTION PARK AND COMMUNITY CENTER/$4,566,035

BRICK & MORTAR RESTORATION: East and West Martello Towers

Completed in July 2011. The Brick & Mortar Restoration Project is funded by the Tourist Development Council (TDC) and will take approximately 8 - 10 years for funding and completion. Phase I of the first year includes Architectural Services to prepare a structural analysis of the brick & mortar structures. Phase I includes the analysis and recommendation for the repair and stabilization of the brick structures. Phase II includes the construction and construction administration.

East Martello completed Structural Stabilization on the South Wall, West/Southwest Casemate Battery, West Counter Scarp Casemates, and an additional 11.4 s.f. of repointing. West Martello completed Structural Stabilization of the South wall beach area.

  • Bender & Associates Architects, P.A./$40,000
  • Contracting Specialists, Inc. SE/$160,000


Completed in April 2011. Phase I: This is a TDC funded project. 190 LF of fencing has already been replaced on the rear wall with 6’ tall aluminum fencing including 2’x2’x1’ footers

  • Bender & Associates Architects, P.A./$11,300.
  • Bella Construction /$25,040


Completed March 2011. Renovation of existing restrooms, and related construction. Clean and paint circular stairs in the interior of the East Martello Tower.

  • Bender & Associates Architects, P.A./$7,600
  • Pedro Falcon Electrical Contractors, Inc. /$37,127.85


Certificate of Occupancy in September 2008. Construction of a three-story courthouse building at the Jackson Square Complex, including installation of site utilities, irrigation, landscaping, grading, paving, and drainage.

  • Currie Sowards Aguila Architects/$452,000
  • The Tower Group/$15,620,506


Completed in July 2008. Construction of a new facility to house the Medical Examiner. The building is one story and approximately 9,500 square feet.

  • Harvard Jolly Clees Toppe Architects/$283,618
  • Fonticiella Construction Corp. /$4,095,594


Completed January 2009. Construction of a two-story Government Building with an auditorium, park and waterfront decks.

  • Currie Sowards Aguila Architects/$1,066,901
  • AFCO Constructor’s Inc./$9,949,826. 
  • Direct Materials Purchased = $924,033


Completed June 2007. Construction of a concrete masonry Fire Station structure of approximately 8,055 s.f., also includes demolition of existing structures.

  • William P. Horn Architect/$149,035
  • Overholt Construction Corporation/$2,191,684


Completed in December 2007. Renovation of the existing concrete structure, including the addition of a new space comprising an additional 315 s.f.

  • Matthew Fowler Architect and Tom Timmins P.E./$77,772
  • Overholt Construction Corporation/$1,166,269