Strategic Planning

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The Strategic Plan guides the scope and direction of County services based on priorities established by the Board of County Commissioners - after extensive input from the public.

      The plan enables all County divisions and departments to focus their actions, resources and budgets on goals and projects that support the County’s grand vision of its desired future.

      Creation of the County’s first Strategic Plan began in 2006 with a series of public workshops. Public input continues to shape the plan as it is updated to respond to changing priorities, with new ones arising as others are accomplished or no longer needed.

      Monroe County has 21 citizen boards and committees that continually inform County staff and Commissioners about their priorities, concerns and recommendations on a wide variety of issues, including the environment, public safety, transportation, infrastructure and quality of life.

      In 2017, the County held a series of public meetings to gather input from citizens on how they think things are going and what they would like to see happen in the future. This information will be gathered and help drive the update to the current 2013-2018 Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan has the following components:

  • Vision: What we want to be; a desired future; our best possible future.
  • Mission: The reason we exist; a statement of purpose; why we are in business.
  • Values: How our work is done; the principles that guide the actions, decisions, and behaviors of County representatives at all levels of County government; how we do business.
  • Strategic Priorities: The critical areas that need to be addressed for the County to move toward its vision.
  • Goals for Each Priority. These are the important results that the County expects to achieve its mission and sustain its priorities.
  • Objectives for Each Goal. These are the outcomes that are necessary to ensure that the Goals are attained or sustained.
  • Deliverables are the specific services, actions strategies, or initiatives that support the objectives.
  • Performance Measures These are measures of our accomplishments, achievements, outcomes that will indicate progress toward deliverables, and that an impact was made.
  • Key Success Indicators These are the “big” performance measures for priority outcomes.